iPhone Guide - How to Make Apple ID Without a Credit Card

iPhone Guide - How to Make Apple ID Without a Credit Card - Apple ID is a special account that is used for any iOS devices, to be able to enjoy the service from Apple such as the App Store, iBooks Store, and iTunes Store, in addition, must have iOS device itself, users must have an account that often we call the Apple ID. As well as the function of your Gmail account in Android, Apple ID is useful for accessing the service from Apple, such as downloading apps in the App Store, buying songs at the iTunes Store, buy books in the iBooks Store, store photos in iCloud, iMessage and use other services.

How to create an Apple ID even bother easy, in some conditions to make the Apple iPhone user ID or other iOS devices such as iPad, Macbook or iMac must include the payment method, it can be by credit card or iTunes Gift Card.

iPhone Guide - How to Make Apple ID Without a Credit Card

Usually, for the iPhone or the new iOS devices will be provided three times manufacture Apple ID for free can without including any payment method and the rest to make Apple ID users must specify a payment method. The methods of payment to make Apple ID can be from a credit card or iTunes gift card, using a credit card will certainly become a difficult problem because not all users have credit cards, other alternatives you can choose the payment method via iTune Gift Card that you can buy at agent -Agen iTune Gift Card.

However, if the above alternatives nor can you use let's try the alternative that I call the method "Luck", why is that, because with this method not everyone is fortunate to be able to make Apple ID without including the payment method.

Many of the problems that often arise when creating Apple ID among None option for the payment method does not appear, the second time None option appears but stopped on message "for assistance, contact iTunes Support it is a common occurrence.

Well for that pray first before making Apple ID with the method of this luck, because Apple did not give to create Apple ID must include the legitimate payment method is way we just did. Okay, we direct the following iPhone guide how to create Apple ID without a credit card or iTunes Gift Card.

In this iPhone tutorial we will use two methods to make Apple ID without using a credit card first through second iPhone Apple's website, let's look at step-stride.

1. How to Make Apple ID Without a Credit Card Using an iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch
The initial stage to prepare beforehand the tools ie iPhone, email, and the internet, could free email from Google mail or Yahoo mail.

1). In this iPhone Guide We use the iPhone 11 Pro Max with iOS 13.
2). Make sure the iOS devices that do not have an Apple ID to sign in, if it still sign-in please you sign out first.
3). Open the App Store, iTunes Store, or iBooks Store on your iOS device.
4). Select an app, song, video, or book that you can get for free (unpaid) of the mark in the absence of a price tag on its download button.
How to Make Apple ID Without a Credit Card
5). Tap the "GET" or "GET" next to the item, and press it again to "INSTALL".
In this step window will pop-up with a list of options to sign in, "Use Existing Apple Id", "Create New Apple ID" and "Cancel".
6). Then select "Create New Apple ID" or "Create New Apple ID".
7). Next will appear the Terms of Services Agreement. just select "Agree". Then will reappear confirmation pop-up window, you just select "Agree".
8). After that, you will be taken on the form data itself, there fill out the form with valid data, including three security questions please fill in the correct and do not forget, three security questions that will be useful if you forget the password:
  • Email: fill in your email is valid.
  • Password: fill in your password, the conditions and provisions must be at least 8 characters, there should be numbers, uppercase, lowercase and there should be no letters or numbers or special characters in a row along the twin 3 times
  • Verify: fill exactly the same as the password
  • Security Info: contents of this security question eg childhood cartoon?
  • Answer: The question of the answer eg: pokemon
  • Day: Date of birth
  • Month: Month of birth
  • Year: Year of birth (the year in which the content when creating Apple ID is your age over 18 years).
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  • Subscribe: OFF,
  • After all the forms completed filled press Next
9). Follow the instructions on the screen. This is where the determination of his lucky if Option None or No appear on the method of payment or billing information. If the option None or Nothing appeared just let me check the in situ.

10). After entering all the required information press next, Done. You will be sent a verification email and it was a sign Apple ID Apple ID you successfully created. Go to your email and then verify that the next Apple ID Apple ID you can start to use.

11). Done. You make Apple ID Without a Credit Card.

2. How to Make Apple ID Without a Credit Card Through Website
If luck in the first step is not possible to make you get the Apple ID through the website of the luck you can get. For you who are still constrained when creating Apple ID in the first method, try the second method via the website, the following steps:
Apple iPhone Guide

1). First, open appleid.apple.com
2). In the top right menu click on the button "Create Apple ID" or "Creat Apple ID"
3). Then you will be directed to a new page that contains the form data themselves, well content with the complete form with your personal data, similar as in the first method possible.
[Note] At the time of filling the password, the password must use at least 8 characters, at least 1 uppercase and one lowercase.
4). If all the forms have been filled click the "Continue" button located at the bottom of the page.
5). When finished waiting for the confirmation email from Apple, if it has no direct please make confirmation.
6). Done. You successfully make Apple ID Without a Credit Card

In the above, you do not need to include your billing information Credit Card, Gift Card or Option None / No.

The billing information will be asked when you want to use the Apple ID to download the application or the other, for it continues in the next iPhone guide and tutorial that you can access through a link on the App in the App Store. If the above steps successfully, congratulations you've got a new Apple ID and ready for use to enjoy the service of Apple. Similarly, from iPhone Guide - How to Make Apple ID Without a Credit Card may be useful.

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