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Smartphone Manual
Smartphone Manual /User Guide - Welcome to Smartphone Manual / User Guide, We give numerous valuable Smartphone instructional exercise and in addition Smartphone Manual / User Guide, the guideline manual for iPhone, Samsung, Blackberry, Google phones, LG, HTC,and more all mobile phones. Download your smartphone manual here, any model from the list to download the user guide PDF available. We guide you some assistance to setting your gadget up from setting up hardware and software on your mobile phones such as iOS, Android, Windows mobile, Blackberry and others to improve how to utilize new elements and numerous other instructional exercise and complete for the best settings with new smartphone tutorial.

Smartphone Manual /User Guide

A Manual may refer to: Instructions. The User guide · Owner's manual · Instruction manual · Online help are the same for other uses. A user guide or user's guide, also commonly known as a manual, is a technical communication document intended to give assistance to people using a particular system.It is usually written by a technical writer, although user guides are written by programmers, product or project managers, or other technical staff, particularly in smaller companies.

User manuals and user guides for most non-trivial software applications are book-like documents with contents similar to the above list. User guides are most commonly associated with electronic goods, computer hardware and software. Most user guides contain both a written guide and the associated images. In the case of computer applications, it is usual to include screenshots of the human-machine interface(s), and hardware manuals often include clear, simplified diagrams. The language used is matched to the intended audience, with jargon kept to a minimum or explained thoroughly.
Smartphone Manual /User Guide
Best Smartphone 2016
  1. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
  2. Samsung Galaxy S7
  3. iPhone 7 Plus
  4. LG G5
  5. iPhone 7
  6. Moto Z
  7. HTC 10
  8. OnePlus 3T
  9. Google Pixel
  10. Moto Z Play

The manual or user guide of Best Smartphone 2016 can accessible here for download.You have the capacity to get read the user manual aide here. Along these lines, inquire frequently to get the most smoking news, bits of gossip, turoraila, tips and tricks for smartphone manual PDF.

Best new phones 2017:
  1. Apple iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus
  2. Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8 Plus
  3. Samsung Galaxy Note 8
  4. Samsung Galaxy X
  5. Google Pixel 2
  6. Xiaomi Mi6
  7. Xiaomi Mi Mix 2
  8. Huawei P10
  9. LG G6
  10. HTC 11
  11. OnePlus 4
  12. Nokia Android phones
  13. New Sony Xperia flagship
  14. Moto G5 & G5 Plus

The best phones of 2017 stay with us and get update and gwt the manual for best phones of 2017 when the telephone official.

Manual Instruction

You can set up Phone over a Wi-Fi network, or over your carrier’s cellular network (not available in all areas). Or connect Phone to your computer and use software to set up Phones. To set up the Phone. Turn on Phone, then follow the Setup Assistant.

Manual User Guide Smartphone
Smartphone Tutorial
The ne smartphone is relied upon to accompany some huge changes like another shocking outline, new elements, better battery life and obviously vastly improved execution.

Download Manual Best new phones 2017:
  1. Apple iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus Manual
  2. Samsung Galaxy S8 Manual, Galaxy S8 Plus Manual
  3. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Manual
  4. Samsung Galaxy X Manual
  5. Google Pixel 2 Manual
  6. Xiaomi Mi6 Manual
  7. Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 Manual
  8. Huawei P10 Manual
  9. LG G6 Manual
  10. HTC 11 Manual
  11. OnePlus 4 Manual
  12. Nokia Android Manual
  13. New Sony Xperia Manual
  14. Moto G5 & G5 Plus Manual
  15. iPhone X Manual
  16. iPhone XR User Guide
  17. iPhone XS User Guide
  18. iPhone 11 User Guide
  19. iPhone 11 Pro User Guide
  20. iPhone 11 Pro Max User Guide
  21. Galaxy Fold User Manual

Reset iPhone settings
  1. Reset iPhone settings. Go to Settings > General > Reset, then choose an option:
  2. Reset All Settings: All your preferences and settings are reset.
  3. Erase All Content and Settings: Your information and settings are removed. iPhone cannot be used until it’s set up again.
  4. Reset Network Settings: When you reset network settings, previously used networks and VPN settings that weren’t installed by a configuration profile are removed. (To remove VPN settings installed by a configuration profile, go to Settings > General > Profile, select the profile, then tap Remove. This also removes other settings or accounts provided by the profile.) Wi-Fi is turned off and then back on, disconnecting you from any network you’re on. The Wi-Fi and “Ask to Join Networks” settings remain turned on.
  5. Reset Keyboard Dictionary: You add words to the keyboard dictionary by rejecting words iPhone suggests as you type. Resetting the keyboard dictionary erases all words you’ve added.
  6. Reset Home Screen Layout: Returns the built-in apps to their original layout on the Home screen.
  7. Reset Location & Privacy: Resets the location services and privacy settings to their defaults.

Get information about your Phone
  1. See information about iPhone. Go to Settings > General > About. The items you can view include:
  2. Name
  3. Network addresses
  4. Number of songs, videos, photos, and apps
  5. Capacity and available storage space
  6. iOS version
  7. Carrier
  8. Model number
  9. Serial number
  10. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth addresses
  11. IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity)
  12. ICCID (Integrated Circuit Card Identifier, or Smart Card) for GSM networks
  13. MEID (Mobile Equipment Identifier) for CDMA networks

Smartphone Tutorial

For first time clients, after unpacking, you should set it up. You may need to peruse the manual for get the most out of your new handset. You can update Phone software in Settings, or by using software. You can also erase or restore Phone, and then use software to restore from a backup.

Update Phone
You can update software in Phone Settings

Update wirelessly on Phone.
Go to Settings > General > Software Update. Your Phone checks for available software updates.

Reset Phone
Reset Phone to erase all content and settings, If something isn’t working right, try restarting Phone, forcing an app to quit, or resetting Phone. Smartphone Tutorial to Restart Phone.
Hold down the Sleep/Wake button until the slider appears.
Slide your finger across the slider to turn off Phone.
To turn Phone back on, hold down the Sleep/Wake button until the logo appears.

Restore Phone
You can use software to restore iPhone from a backup.You can choose Restore from a Backup and sign in to iCloud in Setup Assistant.

Connect Phone to the computer you normally sync with, select Phone in the window, then click Restore in the Summary panel. Browse all our Smartphone Manual / User Guide tips and tricks complete with tutorial.
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