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Restore Apple Watch Series 3

Restore Apple Watch Series 3

Restore Apple Watch
Restore Apple Watch Series 3 - If Apple Watch is disabled because you forgot your passcode or entered an incorrect passcode too many times, you can use the Apple Watch app on iPhone to allow you to enter the passcode again. Here how to restore Apple Watch Series 3 to factory settings and restore from your backup.

Restore Apple Watch Series 3

If you still can’t remember your passcode, you can restore Apple Watch and reset the passcode. Restoring erases the content and settings on Apple Watch, but uses a backup to replace your data and settings. You can see Update Apple Watch series 3 software.

If erase data is turned on, the data on your Apple Watch series 3 is erased. You can reset an Apple Watch to factory defaults The wrong passcode apple watch 10 failed passcode attempts. Here Apple Watch series 3 manual how to re restore the original layout from the factory Apple:
  1. Open the Apple Watch app on iPhone, tap My Watch, then tap App Layout.
  2. Touch and hold an app icon, then drag it to a new location.
  3. Tap Reset to restore the original layout.
Restore an Apple Watch to factory defaults
Reset an Apple Watch to factory defaults
Manual to Erase contents on Apple Watch series 3:
  1. On Apple Watch, open the Settings app from the Home screen,
  2. Go to General > Reset, then tap Erase All Content and Settings.

Then unpair Apple Watch from iPhone (if available).

If you try to erase Apple Watch when it’s out of range of iPhone, it will be erased if it comes back into range.

How to restore your Apple Watch Series 3 from a backup

Follow on the steps to restore Apple Watch series 3 from backup:
Restore Apple Watch Series 3
  1. Turn on your Apple Watch if it isn't already on.
  2. Launch the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.
  3. Tap Pair a new Apple Watch to pair an additional watch or Start Pairing if you've got the one Apple Watch.
  4. If it doesn't work, you can tap the text at the bottom of the screen to Pair Manually.
  5. Launch Apple Watch app, tap Pair, frame watch in box
  6. Tap on Restore from Backup once your watch has been successfully paired to your iPhone.
  7. Tap on the backup you'd like to restore from.
  8. Tap on Agree for the iTunes terms and conditions.
  9. Tap Restore from Backup, choose backup, tap Agree
  10. Tap Agree once more in the popup menu.
  11. Enter your Apple ID if you're pairing your only watch.
  12. Tap OK on the Shared Settings request.
  13. Create a passcode for your Apple Watch.
  14. Tap Agree, tap OK, create passcode
  15. Choose whether you'd like your Apple Watch to unlock automatically when your iPhone is unlocked.
  16. Set up Apple Pay to be able to pay for purchases with your watch.
  17. Tap Continue on the Emergency SOS screen.
  18. Choose to unlock watch when unlocking iPhone, set up Apple Pay, tap continue
  19. Wait for your Apple Watch to finish syncing. This process could take several minutes to complete.
  20. Tap OK on the Welcome to the Apple Watch App screen.
  21. Wait for sync, tap OK
We hope this tutorial help you to restore Apple Watch Series 3.